Sausage Ragù Bolognese

You know when you’ve really made something good?  You keep going back to the pan with a fork and grabbing ‘just one more taste’. This dish hits a lot of high notes for a comforting sunday dinner. Especially when it’s chilly outside (believe it or not, this does happen in San Diego every so often). It’s hearty, delicious, easy (though it does require some babysitting), … Continue reading Sausage Ragù Bolognese

Getting Back in the Swing of Things with a Proscuitto Fig Goat Cheese Pizza

It’s been awhile since we’ve updated… and by ‘awhile’ I mean like several years.  Perhaps unsurprisingly, we haven’t stopped cooking we just stopped telling people about it…. OK, we never shut up about cooking and our friends can probably attest to the fact that most of the pictures I send them are of food (or dogs).  But, we definitely stopped blogging. In our personal lives, … Continue reading Getting Back in the Swing of Things with a Proscuitto Fig Goat Cheese Pizza

Tim’s Chicago rolls – sushi attempt #1

I’ve carried a sushi “cookbook” around for at least 5 different moves in 3 states and, until now, I’ve never used it or any of the cool sushi-making tools that came with it.  I love sushi, it’s just a little bit…exotic!  The raw fish thing…well, one day I’d like to get to know my fishmonger so that I have a trusty supply of definitely-edible raw … Continue reading Tim’s Chicago rolls – sushi attempt #1

Jen and Tim’s jello shots… classy-style

So I admit it.  I’m 28 and I love jello shots.  Not the college version kind, not the shitty vodka or everclear mixed with jello that are barely solid because of the booze. I mean, those have a time and place (college). But  I love jello shots that that basically taste like a mixed drink in jello form. YUM.  When I stumbled across this idea from Martha … Continue reading Jen and Tim’s jello shots… classy-style

Tim and Jen’s butternut squash soup

Happy New year everyone!  Sorry for the long hiatus.  We’re back now from all of our various holiday travels and ready to talk about some more tasty food!  This post is about one of our favorite fall-winter soups; it’s pretty much the first thing I think of when I see a butternut squash. A couple of years ago Jen and I had our first thanksgiving … Continue reading Tim and Jen’s butternut squash soup

Tim’s Cranberry pumpkin bread

I’m having an ongoing love affair with our bread machine!  It’s so easy to put a dough together, and I hardly even dirty any dishes aside from some measuring cups and spoons.  And there’s really nothing like fresh bread!  Seriously, if you’ve been living on the preservative-laden, pre-sliced grocery store stuff, you are missing out on one of the great tastes in life.  Do yourself … Continue reading Tim’s Cranberry pumpkin bread